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Situated at the famous Doha Golf Club, this world class sporting facility offers state of the art football pitches in the most idyllic surroundings. Doha Pearl Academy is unique in Doha, the syllabus and pathway formed take it’s players into the QFA through the established and successful senior team aspiring for professional status in the QFA third division.

A robust structure with highly experienced staff and UEFA licensed coaches to ensure your child’s development is in line with the highest recognized standard. Doha Pearl Academy have a huge network of professional sportsmen, clubs and establishments in the UK and Ireland supporting the Academy’s vision and plans to take it’s players of all ages and parents on a football journey the way it is meant to be.


Doha Pearl Academy with its committed and experienced staff have an environment which is professional, friendly and approachable for players to be treated fairly and receive advice with essential football learning and holistic development.

It is our coaches’ responsibility to develop and deliver feedback for players in a challenging, safe and supportive environment which encourages them to experiment in their own potential and express themselves not only on the pitch but socially and academically. There are firm plans being made to enhance the potential not only for our players to move into the QFA but to have the opportunity for educational developments in sport and if good enough trial opportunities with professional clubs through our scouting contacts in the UK, Europe and the USA.

We at Doha Pearl Academy firmly believe football is a journey towards success and this foundation and pathway we have in place allows young players to progress to the first team squad with a holistic approach that will produce young footballers we can all be proud of.


Doha Pearl Academy’s essential football learning and holistic development syllabus for youth development will guide your child through discipline, learning, problem solving, fitness, vision, focus, awareness and teamwork to ensure in repeated football scenarios your child's talent potential is pushed through our bespoke player pathway.

Player Pathways are so important because it gives you short term and long term goals in development of individuals, units and teams technically, tactically, physically, mentally and socially. Pathways create an environment that players can’t replicate in a training session and also challenges them in competitive scenarios relating to age specific stages of their football development. The flow structure of the league's paved by Doha Pearl Academy are crucial and can often speed up the process of player development.

Doha Pearl Academy’s pathway develops the psychological side to the player ensuring they have valuable football pitch experience, a key factor to promote their ethos to game readiness by repeated exposure to a football scenarios that are only experienced in games.

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